Graffiti Bear Collective
Mint Date: 4th March 2022
The Graffiti Bear Collective is an exclusive association that gives members the opportunity to be part of a talented network, comprising of likeminded artists, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and investors.
say that you are the average of the five
people you spend the most time with and that growth is rarely by chance. This collective will expose you to exceptional individuals for collaboration and mutually beneficial relationships. It's easy to understand the importance and value in networking with the people that truly want the best for you.
The foundation of the collective is to launch members to the next level by focussing obsessively on improving their knowledge, network, net worth, and life experience.
Your NFT will grant you access to post-sale deliverables and a community that was created out of a love for business, financial security, art, fashion, technology, and design.
The Project
Graffiti Bear
9999 Graffiti bears have been launched in this first-class NFT collection including 99 individually designed and curated combinations included in this 99 are 10 special 1 of 1 totally unique Graffiti Bears.
We know that community is at the heart of every successful NFT drop and believe us when we say we are taking you along with us for the ride.
We have an absolute barrage of amazing things on our roadmap, from giveaways of luxury events to luxury holidays.
The founders and the team are in this for the long-term, meaning that the biggest incentives are pitched towards retaining members, lasting project interest and member collaboration via DAO voting.
It can take a long time to establish trust, but we want to start building that trust as early as possible with our community.
We will demonstrate integrity from the beginning of this project and prove that we will follow through on our roadmap and any promises we make to our community.
Graffiti Bear Collective
1 of 1 Graffiti Bears
(10 Characters)
Curated Graffiti Bears
(99 Characters)
Randomly generated Graffiti Bears
( 9900 Characters)
These characters will have totally unique traits not found anywhere else in the collection, specially modelled using 3D modelling software to have a totally unique combination of traits. If you land one of these 1 of 1 Graffiti bears you will have one of the 10 most rare NFTs in the collection.
99 Graffiti bears will be specially curated, each trait will be specially hand-picked to maximise the aesthetics of each of the 99 Graffiti Bears in this part of the collection. Will you get one of these specially curated Graffiti bears when you mint?
The remaining Graffiti bears will be randomly generated from 150+ specially 3D designed traits to bring you an awesome-looking Graffiti Bear with varying levels of rarity in the traits.
6 eth (c. $26,400 USD) Giveaway split between three lucky Graffiti Bear minters
10 eth (c. $44,000 USD) Giveaway split between two lucky Graffiti Bear minters
10 eth (c. $44,000 USD) Public Wallet Drop. Minting proceeds directed to public 'community' wallet to invest in marketing and floor sweeps to increase project visibility and welfare.
15 eth (c. $66,000 USD) eth Giveaway split between three lucky Graffiti Bear minters
20 eth (c. $88,000 USD) Public Wallet Drop. Minting proceeds directed to public 'community' wallet to invest in marketing and floor sweeps to increase project visibility and welfare.
20 eth (c. $88,000 USD) Plus 2 x Super Rare Graffiti Bears Giveaway split between two lucky original minters holding 2 or more Graffiti Bears.
25 eth (c. $110,000 USD) Public Wallet Drop. Minting proceeds directed to public 'community' wallet to invest in marketing and floor sweeps to increase project visibility and welfare.
25 eth (c. $110,000 USD) eth Giveaway split between two lucky Graffiti Bear minters
45 eth (c. $198,000 USD) luxury holiday / sports event giveaways, to three lucky original minters still holding their NFT.
60 eth (c. $264,000 USD) Giveaway split equally between one original minter still holding the NFT and one random holder of a Graffiti Bear NFT.
Business and Personal Development Opportunities
Be part of a private discord where you can tap into the knowledge of every Graffiti Bear owner. Attend meetings and conferences, with sensational speakers. Converse with successful businessperson's, entrepreneurs, and members of the double comma club.
Financial Incentives and Luxuries
Receive long-term reoccurring financial rewards, big Ethereum giveaways, multiple luxury giveaways, Rare NFT giveaways, and Airdrops, a bonus based on the number of Graffiti Bear NFTs that you possess and daily raffles for the minting month.
Charitable organization.
Give back to Charity. Most of us, including the Graffiti Bear Founders, have been affected by cancer in one way or another. With your support and DAO vote, we will direct a percentage of all artist royalties, every month to a registered charity.
Sporting events and after parties.
Attend sporting events such as Wimbledon, The Rider Cup, Soccer World Cup, Formula 1 Plus Amber Lounge After Parties, Super Bowl, NBA Finals, UFC, Stanley Cup Finals, and the Olympic Games.
Vacation at the world's most luxurious resorts such as Santorini, Dubai, Maldives, Barbados, St Barts, St Tropez, Seychelles, Las Vegas and Disney World.
Music Events.
Attend festivals such as Ultra, Glastonbury, Coachella, Lollapalooza, and Tomorrow Land
Benefits of ownership
All decisions made in the Graffiti Bears community will be controlled by a DAO where 1 Graffiti Bear equals 1 vote.
Graffiti Godfather
Graffiti OG
Graffiti 3.0
Web Developer
Graffiti Graphix
3D Artist
Graffiti Genii
Blockchain Expert
the FAQ
How many Graffiti Bears will be created?
9999 Graffiti Bears will be created. 199 Graffiti Bears will be held back for marketing, giveaways and team members.
How much is a Graffiti Bear?
We want to reward early adopters of our project; therefore, the whitelist pre-sale price will be 0.08 eth and the public sale price will be 0.12 eth.
How many Graffiti Bears can I mint at once?
3 Graffiti Bears per wallet at pre-sale.
5 Graffiti Bears per wallet for the public sale.
What blockchain will the Graffiti Bears be on?
The Graffiti Bears will be on the Ethereum ERC-721 Blockchain, the contract address will be made public shortly before release.
Will there be a pre-sale?
Yes, the presale will take place on 2nd March 2022 at 22:00 GMT / 14:00 PST / 17:00 EST 48 hours before the public sale.
Is there a pre-sale whitelist?
Yes, 1200 spots are available.
How do I get on the whitelist?
We will be hosting various giveaways for whitelist positions. Places on the whitelist will also be given for positive contribution on social media and in the discord server which can be accessed HERE.
When will the public sale go live?
The public sale will be live on 4th March 2022 at 22:00 GMT / 14:00 PST / 17:00 EST
How long will I have to wait for the reveal?
To ensure security and a level playing field across the community, the Reveal will be 24 hours after minting phase.
Where can I view my NFT after minting?
Your Graffiti Bear will be in your MetaMask wallet and on your OpenSea profile.
Where can I buy a Graffiti Bear on the Secondary market?
All secondary sales will be on the OpenSea platform.
Are there artist royalties?
Yes, 5% of the secondary sales commission. Commission will be used to market Graffiti Bears and help secure project longevity.
Do I own my Graffiti Bear after minting it?
Yes! You will own all commercial rights to the design, which means you can sell it for a profit, print it and hang it on your wall or create merchandise from it and sell it. It's totally up to you.
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